Ethics and communication often come into conflict. Adhering to a set of guiding principles is one way of overcoming this difference.

Ethical concerns in communication affect myriad different areas, from social and environmental factors to cultural considerations, and require crystal-clear aims and a sustainable approach.
Ethics also apply to pricing, avoiding supply chains in which the price of the product increases from one job to the next.
Ethical and informed marketing can help to combat racism, sexism, pornography and anorexia by reaching out to children, young people, the elderly and anyone who is experiencing problems. At Anyway, race, sex and religion are not marketing tools.


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Anyway was founded in 1985 by Barbara Pietrasanta and Antonio Dalle Rive, two advertising professionals with many years of combined experience. Over the years, they have been joined by other communications experts, each with their own unique skills, to form a tight-knit, highly competent and reliable team.
Anyway is the Cosmetica Italia consulting partner
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