Antonio Dalle Rive


Marketing & Web marketing director

Antonio Dalle Rive’s career in Milan began in the field of advertising photography and video production in the early ‘80s. He later moved to New York where he took Media specialisation courses and worked with Alberto Rizzo directing and producing commercials.
In 1985, he founded the advertising agency Anyway, which operates in various industry sectors both in Italy and abroad.
He also set up a department dealing with Political, Public and Social Marketing, and devised and promoted the first Masters in Public Communication in Italy, in partnership with the European Design Institute.
For the past six years, besides his role as a teacher at the Zhong Guan Vocational Training School in Shanghai, China, he has been working on the communication and development of Italian brands in the Chinese market.
In a joint venture with Eagle Group in New Delhi, he is launching training projects and commercial strategies in the Indian market. He has also organised internships in Communication and in Production for various organisations and associations.


Anyway was founded in 1985 by Barbara Pietrasanta and Antonio Dalle Rive, two advertising professionals with many years of combined experience. Over the years, they have been joined by other communications experts, each with their own unique skills, to form a tight-knit, highly competent and reliable team.
Anyway is the Cosmetica Italia consulting partner
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